Lifestyle Inflation? Yes, Please.

Guys, I want to hire a maid.

Someone who can vacuum the stray hairs and rice grains out of the rug in the living room. Someone to wipe down our shower and mop our kitchen floors. Bonus points if they can rub out the thin but impossible to remove film of grease that coats the outside of our stove, protecting it from the other kitchen elements.

The expense would be relatively minimal, I think, though I haven’t gotten quotes. Once a month, maybe $100 a visit? And in exchange, a clean home that smells vaguely like lemon-scented Lysol and wood floors that get dusted not just when I do the cha-cha slide in my footie socks.

Why not get hire a cleaner, then? Well, I’m afraid that I’m inflating my lifestyle too quickly. I’ve spent more on renovations for my condo than I did for three years’ rent in our dilapidated former apartment. That plus my recent upgrades in terms of food and fitness makes me worried I’m getting too big for my britches.

On the other hand, we can certainly afford the expense. Our retirement and college funds are in a good place. I’m earning good money and my savings rate is over 50%. There is certainly a little room for more fun money. And fewer chores.

Do you want to inflate your lifestyle? Do you think hiring a cleaner is worth it?



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