All The Clothes I Bought In The First Half of 2018

After last year’s big clothing overhaul, I’m still basking in the glow of a nice, new-ish wardrobe. Honestly, I’ve found the idea of clothes shopping since to be kind of a chore, in part because I know I’ll have to get anything I buy tailored to make it feel as good as my clothes do right now.

And besides my wallet could use the break– I’m hoping to keep under $350 this year, but won’t be sad if I go slightly over. I also told JP from Fired Up Finance that I’d join her 12 items for 2018 challenge, so that’s another motivator for the relatively low key spending so far this year. Depending on how you count it, I’m somewhere between three and six items (do socks count? do duds count?). This does not include my wedding wardrobe, by the way, which I consider under its own separate budget.

Everything I Bought

Merrell Jungle MOCs – $80.00

MRL-R60801-01-yThese are, by far, my favorite shoes of all time. So comfy, good for urban walking and also light hikes through all sorts of weather. My old pair lasted me about a year to a year and a half, but I wore those shoes every. single. day. And they were probably still serviceable, though they were starting to develop some holes at the toes. If this replacement pair lasts me the year, I’ll be happy.

Mizuno Wave Paradox 3 – $53.13


Over the past few years I’ve burned through quite a few pairs of Mizuno Wave Paradoxes which feels unfrugal but honestly I probably should be replacing them more often than I do. After burning through my stash and realizing that the original design is no longer being sold, I bought an updated though still older version from the same line which is designed for over-pronators like myself. They aren’t as lightweight as the original Wave Paradox, which were a dream, but so far I like them.

Silvertoe Socks – $28.29


Bought a couple packs of Silvertoe socks to replace the thick, hole-in-the-sole pairs I’d inherited a decade ago from my parents. These are nice, thin, and feel appropriate for casual to business casual settings. No complaints so far.

Uniqlo Warhol Shirt – $9


I was idling at one of the consignment shops in the schmancy part of town, and wasn’t feeling enamored by the selection and, more importantly, the prices. Everything was basically at the retail sale price (i.e. about as much as I could spend buying it new straight from the store). Also, they were selling heavy fall/winter wear in June which… why? But anyway, amongst the racks I found this Warhol-esque Campbell’s Beef Noodle tee shirt which was sold at the MoMA for a while. It’s soft, catches the eye, and serves as my one fun purchase of 2018.

Duds – $39.50

I tried out some pieces from Grana but they didn’t end up fitting my body shape well. That resulted in a $8 restocking fee. I also tried buying a pair of Merrells used on Poshmark, but found that their sizing had recently changed. I ended up donating the slightly too small shoes and buying the pair I use now new, as described above.

Total – $209.92

Things I Want

I want to get some more casual tops, but am waiting to start working at my new job to see what the dress code is there first. Also some linen, because summer is hot and while silk is light and breezy, it shows all the sweat, all the time.

What clothes have you bought so far in 2018? What clothes do you want?


8 thoughts on “All The Clothes I Bought In The First Half of 2018

  1. Oooh. I need to do one of these posts. I’m already at 7 items so I need to be disciplined to stay the course. I will probably need a new pair of running shoes before the end of the year, but other than that there aren’t really any “needs” right now that I can think of.


  2. Linen is underrated!

    I started to log my 2018 purchases, but then I got pregnant and maternity clothes threw off my whole “I don’t need anything new!” thoughts. I’m not too happy about how maternity shopping went in general, so posting about it makes me grumpy. Gah.


  3. Nice reminder! I’ve checked and I’ve bought more than I had planned, although a lot of it I plan on reselling later. Nothing earth shattering, because I don’t really “need” anything anymore. I do need to replace a muscle tank top I have, and you’d be surprised how hard it is to find the right one. It can’t just be a T-shirt with no sleeves–it has to have the right fit that slouches just a bit. Other than that, just a watch. I can’t think of anything else!


    1. Finding the right basics can be tough! I’ve gotten picky enough even about tees that I’m seriously considering tailoring my $9 shirt, haha. With long term buys like a muscle tee and a watch, I can imagine those taking a while to find.


  4. Too bad about the Grana items, and ack the $8.00 restocking fee is new, I think. I do miss their “old” approach (from around 2015-ish), when they really only offered kind of boxy basics in a lot of colors, with tops that were a bit shorter/more fitted than Everlane’s. I feel like a lot of people on r/ffa all looked good in those items. These days, even with some of the very detailed product measurements they used to do, it’s harder to get a read on how things will fit, and the designs have gotten… kind of weird.

    It does seem like frequent athletic shoe replacement is necessary, even if it doesn’t feel frugal. For someone who runs so rarely (1-2 miles on a treadmill about once a week, sometimes twice), I felt like I burned through running shoes very fast, each pair lasted a year or less. Except that my body always really let me know that the shoes needed to be changed (weird lower back pain is no fun, ack, but it always goes away right after I switch to new shoes), so it wasn’t something I had to think too much about. With my newest pair, I’m following the advice people were kind enough to give me, of only wearing the running shoes to run in, so I wear my old pair for other, low-impact exercise. We’ll see if that helps!


    1. I was mostly trying the Grana silk pants. I’m between sizes, sadly. The waist of the Small is slightly too tight while I am just swimming in the Medium. Sigh.

      I replace my running shoes about once a year. I probably average about 5-6 miles a week? So 250-300ish total? Which is roughly the recommended amount I think, but I have a messed up heavy stride so I usually make it through a couple of bad runs on my knees and ankles between replacements. Having flat feet sucks.


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