All The Clothes I Bought In The Second Half of 2018

In the first half of the year, I mostly bought casual clothing and minor replacements in shoes and socks for my wardrobe. I kept up the same trend the last few months. Most of items I got were blue– easy, neutral, don’t want flashy right now. I doubt I’ll be buying anything in the next few weeks, mostly out of disinterest in anything except an Alighieri necklace, which I know I won’t be buying until next year at least.

Everything I Bought

Vince Color Block T Shirt – $33


I needed some casual T-shirts for work. I wanted something without logo branding, but a little funkier than the plain crew-neck shirts I have already.

Eileen Fisher Silk Blend Crew Neck Sweater $27


For when I’m leaning hard into menocore. I’ve never been much into loose, flowy garments, but this this sweater is so damn cozy and I actually kind of like the crunchy granola look I have wearing this with my tortoise shell glasses.

J Brand Jeans – $35


The same as the jeans I bought during my wardrobe overhaul last year. I like the way those have held up, but I needed another pair so it wasn’t on rotation literally every day.

Vince Paneled Shirt – $22


Another hip shirt with a wide waist and stomach, though less so than a tunic. I’m not sure how I feel about this one, though it feels like a good transitional item for when I’m pregnant (is that a thing I’m allowed to think about now?).

Total – $117

Grand Total for 2018 – $327


My goal at the beginning of the year was to stay under $350 for clothes, and I definitely did that! I’m not setting myself a budget for next year. Now that my husband and I have our monthly allowances, I feel less pressure to spend more/less in any particular budget category. Rather, as long as I stay in my range for total discretionary spending each month (~$600) then it’s fine.

Other than the La Collisione necklace from Alighieri, the only thing I have on my radar for next year is a summer shoe– something like TOMS canvas ones. And maternity clothing maybe? That’s still weird to say.

Oh, and I want to get a few pieces repaired early in the year. This includes my leather jacket, which somehow developed a small rip in the shoulder, cleaning my Merrells, replacing my insoles, and tuning up one of the old fancy watches I got as a wedding so I can wear it day to day.

What clothes did you buy in 2018? Do you have a budget for next year? What pieces do you have your eye on?


2 thoughts on “All The Clothes I Bought In The Second Half of 2018

  1. I’m finding that I have a major soft spot for roomy, cozy-feeling sweaters, even if I don’t think they’re the absolute best look for the office. (Most of my women colleagues favor more formal-ish business casual outfits, and while I don’t personally feel the need to worry about my business casual clothing having too casual a vibe, it is a very… relaxed look that I end up with, which can contrast a lot with what others wear sometimes.) The Vince panel shirt is also super-cool!

    I confess, though it’ll almost certainly be at least another 2-3 years before I’m actively thinking about it (so it feels a little ridiculous that I’m thinking of it now,), I do sometimes think about oh, how would “X” item I have now or “Y” possible new purchase work if I was pregnant? Especially with more formal work clothing among the lawyers I’ve known, people seem to try and squeeze as much wear as they can out of their existing wardrobe when the time comes, so, er, it does seem to make sense to think about it a little.


    1. Cozy clothes are great, especially in winter. I think seeing Dr. It Girl’s daily outfits really sparked envy in me: Why can’t I be that comfortable? Oh wait I can!!!

      2-3 years is both long and also right around the corner in the big scheme of things. I have pieces a decade old at this point and mostly try to keep pieces for a long time, so the thought of “will this fit my body during and after pregnancy?” feels appropriate, though *extremely* scary.


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