How Did I Do On My 2018 Goals?

Here were my goals for 2018:

  1. Marry and combine finances with my partner. PASS. To be fair, this is not completely finished by I did manage to get married and we’re like 80% of the way there with the finances. So I’ll give myself this one.
  2. Increase net worth 3 units FAIL. I started off the year 5.28 units from my financial freedom goal. Haven’t finalized the numbers for this month yet, but it looks like I’ll be somewhere between 0.25-0.5 units shy of my goal. But I’m okay with that. Husband was unemployed for half the year, I took a month off between jobs, and of course there was that big salary drop with my career change. There are more important things than money. And, honestly, we did fine.
  3. Generate another stream of income, separate from my job. FAILI didn’t really focus on this at all.
  4. Chisel my way to six-pack abs. OKAY. I don’t have a six-pack or anything close. BUT I did keep up with my ab workouts all year long and have core strength like woah. So that’s cool.
  5. Visit Ireland and Amsterdam. OKAYWe did go to Ireland for our honeymoon, however I’ve come to realize that (1) my friend lives in Copenhagen, not Amsterdam and (2) we’re going to visit her next year for her wedding.
  6. Get involved in 2018 governor’s race. FAILBasically anything that required time this year I simply did not do. Other than my new job. That’s taken up… a lot.
  7. Do one “interesting” thing per month. FAIL. This was a cool idea in theory and if I really thought about it I probably averaged one interesting moment per month but didn’t really document this well and twelve months later this feels more kitschy than important.

Then there’s my “keep on keeping on” list:

  1. Maintain body weight, regular diet and exercise. PASS. Consistent exercise and good (enough) eating.
  2. Continue volunteering and donating 10% of my income. PASS. Summary here.
  3. Read at least one book a month. PASS. I technically passed this but I feel pretty silly for setting the goal so low and also still kind of ashamed for how little I read. I started plenty of books but got bored midway for a number of them (which never used to happen to me before). Yes, I’m super basic and read like a high school student. What of it? If y’all have book recommendations, I’d be happy to take them. Anyway, here’s what I finished:
    1. Tar Baby by Toni Morrison (5/5)
    2. Jazz by Toni Morrison (4/5)
    3. God Help the Child by Toni Morrison (3/5)
    4. The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood (3/5)
    5. Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? by Raymond Carver (3/5)
    6. Civilwarland in Bad Decline by George Saunders (2/5)
    7. Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit (5/5)
    8. The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov (3/5)
    9. The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin (4/5)
    10. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee (5/5)
    11. All the Names by Jose Saramago (4/5)
    12. Daisy Miller by Henry James (4/5)
    13. Cymbeline by William Shakespeare (3/5)
    14. Laughter In the Dark by Vladimir Nabokov (3/5)

Overall I did pretty terribly with my goals this year. Oh well. But at the same time, I still had such a big year between marriage, changing careers, and going through really hard personal stuff with family and friends. Looking back, I was so unfocused on what I wanted my life to look like. But I am pretty proud of myself of powering (muddling?) through some really hard times. I feel more mature, like I am starting to get an understanding of me as a fully formed being with experiences, not just a little bundle of potential. It’s a scary feeling, like I’m finally accepting closing certain doors on my life. But I’m moving forward. And that’s… good?

How did you fare with your 2018 goals?


10 thoughts on “How Did I Do On My 2018 Goals?

  1. Looking back, it sounds like it’s been an eventful year, and a productive one! Getting married and combining finances, getting really close to the net worth goal, and the new job, it all sounds great to me. I stopped making more detailed, nitty-gritty goals lists after the first quarter of 2018, but I did get all the items on that original list done, haha.

    I also felt like 2018 gave me a better understanding of who I am. Because I was doing such short-term jobs with definite end-dates before and right after law school, part of me feels like I never had a chance to fully start thinking about life as an adult, or actually building a career, until late 2017. And as a lawyer, when one is faced with the current events situation we’re in, there’s a lot of food for thought, to say the least.


    1. I don’t know why, but this has been a big career year for me too (not just about the job switch, but really thinking about what I want to do with my skills and labor). I’ve mostly been avoiding the news, but have been thinking more about using my skills to contribute in a more meaningful way.


  2. We’ve been married 2.5 years now and I feel like we are still sorting out kinks in combining our finances. I think that one is a lifelong endeavor but I’m glad you guys are 80% of the way there!

    Marriage is a big change that I feel like deflected most other focus for me. I feel like I have energy to focus elsewhere again which has been really lovely!

    Happy new year!


  3. I also didn’t read as much as I could’ve in 2018. Too much mindless web surfing and worrying about things beyond my control. Here are some book recommendations from this year:

    1. Revolutionary Road, by Richard Yates (I felt the husband/wife perspectives were quite balanced for a male novelist. You be the judge. 5/5)
    2. Too Much Happiness, by Alice Munro (short story collection with a lot of unexpected twists. 4/5)
    3. Ask the Dust, by John Fante (if you enjoy going inside the mind of a poet / degenerate. 4/5)
    4. My Struggle, by Karl Ove Knausgaard (I reread Books 1, 2 & 4 this year. It’s a polarizing series. Some find him narcissistic, but darn it, he can write! Just read the first ten pages of Volume 1 and you’re either hooked or you should stop 5/5).
    5. Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (It’s hard to separate hype from talent these days, but Adichie is the rare writer who actually has something to say).

    I’ll be starting the year off with Volume 2 of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan series.

    Hello from Vietnam and happy reading in 2019!



  4. We did moderately ok this year. Not all our goals were met, but not all of them were strictly necessary I suppose. Everything’s a work in progress so we’re recalibrated for the new year and digging in afresh. I did read a TON, though, and that was good but it’s awoken the book hunger in me that can’t quite be quelled! Annoyingly, there are still such large gaps in our library’s collection and I want to READ ALL THE THINGS!!


  5. You had such a massive year! Don’t know when I’ll have time for books next, but some of those titles are intruiging…

    My main goal was get pregnant and managed to fit in birth as well, ha. Oh, and I guess finish our kitchen reno. I forgot to mention in my previous comment… you might surprise yourself at how well you cope on very little sleep. I know I have! And T, who talked a big gamae on that front… has been a bit of a letdown.


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