My Goals For 2019

In many ways, 2018 was a preparatory year for me. Putting the little bits of my life into place so that I’d be ready to transition into a new sort of life, a family sort of life (*silent scream of terror echoes in my head*). And I certainly feel more at ease with myself than I was even a year ago. So here are my goals for 2019:

  1. Get pregnant. AAAAAAaaaaaahhhhHHHHHHhhhh. Sorry, this one scares me a little. A lot. Bodies and pregnancies are weird. But also they’re totally normal? And I really want a family, but also knowing that I’ll be so much free time and sleep is, *gulp*, kind of daunting.
  2. Achieve “financial equilibrium”. Once we’ve hit this net worth milestone (roughly equivalent to CruiseFI), then we’ll start working our way toward upgrading our home and reaching semi-FIRE levels of investments.
  3. Take two international trips. My friend is getting married in Copenhagen this summer and my husband and I are talking about going to Japan. Want to sneak in a couple of international jaunts before kids.
  4. Finish at least two “courses” worth of learning materials. I feel like my brain has been atrophying over the past however many years since college. Therefore, I’d like to make it through a couple of “courses” worth of learning material over the next year. I think this will be brushing up on my Japanese before our trip using Pimsleur and taking some Coursera classes on DB engineering / playing around with AWS for work.
  5. Get my internet addiction under control. This will be starting with a no-internet January. (Note I wrote all my January posts in advance.) So if you don’t see me around for a while, that’s why.
  6. Finish writing my podcast. I’m in the middle of writing a fictional podcast. And by middle I mean very beginnings of. I have an arc though and decent outlines. By the end of the year I want to have finished scripts for the season and be ready to start staffing/recording a pilot.

Then there’s my “keep on keeping on” list:

  1. Maintain regular diet and exercise. Last year “body weight” was on the list, but, um, goal #1 from the first list. Instead, I want to make a commitment to maintain regular exercise that is appropriate for where my body is at throughout my pregnancy and thereafter.
  2. Continue volunteering and donating 10% of our income. Instead of just my income, I want my husband and I to donate 10% of our combined net (which he’s a-okay with).
  3. Read at least two books a month. I think I set the goal too low last year. I’m hoping, if I manage to get my internet addiction under control, I should be able to free up a lot more time for reading.

What are your goals for 2019?


8 thoughts on “My Goals For 2019

  1. My last post outlined my goals for 2019 – the financial ones anyway.

    Definitely get that international travel in before baby! It’s not impossible to travel with little ones but it’s definitely…different. Getting pregnant is an exciting and daunting goal. Best of luck to you.


  2. I do have to admit that pregnancy IS kind of body horror where everything is abnormal but it’s considered totally normal *for pregnancy*. That said, I felt like because I was braced for it being weird and bizarre, I was a bit more ok with it than I would have been had I gone into it thinking it was a blissful glowy thing. For some people it is! I was not one of those people.

    I do hope you do Japan! I want to read all about it, selfishly 🙂 I had contemplated doing Japan in 2020 but we may be holding off a little longer depending on Seamus’s health.


    1. I am really excited at the prospect of eating in Japan, nomnom. I want to go before I get pregnant so I can eat sushi/not worry about what I’m not supposed to eat because I’m pregnant. We’ll see if timing works out.


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