Financial Update – January 2019

Each month I will post an update on my finances to both give you, the reader, some insight into my situation and to give me markers of my progress on my financial journey. My updates consist of two parts:

  • Financial Progress Table – Tracks joint net worth progress.
  • Spending Table – Compares monthly spending to an average (for us) budget, keeping us accountable for additional expenses. I will also include my personal discretionary budget as well; I will not include my spouse’s discretionary spending, which I do not see.

Financial Progress

Each net worth goal in the Financial Progress table is broken down into undisclosed units of money. Our current goal is to reach “Financial Freedom.” By the time we reach this goal we will have:

  • A retirement account that can support us when my husband hits 65
  • Two college savings funds funded for four years of in-state public university tuition, room, and board
  • An emergency fund for six or more months of living expenses
  • Sufficient liquidity for my husband and/or I to make a career change with one to two years’ runway
  • A mortgage less than two times our combined gross salaries without bonuses or equity.

Once “Financial Freedom” is achieved, the focus will then working be towards “Financial Equilibrium”, where the income from investments covers all our ongoing expenses.

jan 2019


We’ve created a joint budget which represents the average amount we can expect to spend each month. This is average amount we need to comfortably live in case of a job loss, emergency, etc. I expect to frequently mostly keep in line with our budget when amortized over the year, even though amounts may vary from month to month.

For privacy reasons, there are two things I do not include in our joint spending updates: our monthly mortgage and charitable donations (pegged at 10% of our net income).


Here is my own personal discretionary spending for the month. I try to spend $600 or less each month for my “fun money” since that’s the allowance that’s apportioned to me and my husband.

january 2019

Monthly Summary

Huh, I guess stocks bounced back. Cool.

I bought insoles and sneakers on our joint, per earlier musings and a conversation with my husband. We also tried floating in sensory deprivation tanks for our anniversary which was super uncomfortable at the time but left my muscles super relaxed thereafter. I’m kind of interested in trying another round, but I’d want to do it multiple times in a week to see whether it’d help my terrible office-worker back.

In other news, I’m looking for new a job. I guess I should probably try to stay for a year, at least so I can hit my one year cliff. But, yeah, it’s not going that well. I’ve done a few interviews so far and I’m realizing that this role is inherently pretty stressful and political. Not sure what to do yet. 😦

Keeping on keeping on.

Notable things that happened in January include:

  • Floating!

How were your finances in January?


4 thoughts on “Financial Update – January 2019

  1. Ugh, finances in January continued a months-long trend of nasty, one-off expenses designed to mess up my carefully laid plans. Which means I haven’t put anything into savings for three months now, though I have been paying a bit extra on the mortgage, which is something.

    I’m hoping February’s expenses will stay relatively sane so that I can maybe catch a break savings-wise. That’d be novel at this point.


  2. January was not bad, financially. I was looking out for more buying opportunities generally, in the market, but I know better than to keep doing that. I DO know better. So I went ahead and put in buy orders as our savings cash came in like I should, without worrying about market timing. I’m working on making myself RELAX overall when it comes to the money … that’s not necessarily going *well* but I’m trying.


    1. It’s so hard to not try and time the market. Even while I’ve been low key on finances generally lately, it was hard to move a chunk of money from cash to stocks, knowing they’d been much cheaper a few weeks ago. Tiny part of me was like 😫


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