Spreading the FIRE

I have always been pretty open with my close friends about finances. It’s helped that we all have professional jobs, some performing the same roles at the same company, so I never felt awkward telling them how much I make or saved. I don’t know that we’ve ever really gotten into the hard numbers, except when swapping salary information, but they all know full well my plans of FIRE, or as I like to call it “hoarding gold like a dragon and then quitting work to sleep all day.”

Anyway, for years I would get skeptical looks. Sure, sure YAPFB we get it. You don’t like working. But this pipe dream of yours seems a little much, don’t you think? Why I don’t know what I would do without the structure of work in my life.

Well, after seven years of proselytizing, I finally have my first FIRE convert!

It all started a couple weeks ago when my best friend, who has both a full-time job and a contracting business on the side, mentioned trying to figure out budgeting and taxes for her and her husband for the last year. I mentioned, oh hey, you might be interested in Mint and Personal Capital then and we started talking about tax optimization and before you know it, several Mad Fientist posts later, she’s singing the tune of financial independence.

If we get our expenses down to $X, we could probably retire in six years. Which would put her ahead of us in the FIRE timeline. Which is both jealousy-inducing but also exciting that I might have people to actually hang out with in my FIRE stage. We always talk as a community about what you’ll be retiring to but never the who you’ll be retiring with. We’ve long talked about raising kids, going on travel adventures, and starting companies together, and if they can make the finances work for them, we may all have the time to actually make these things happen!

Have you ever convinced friends/family to get on the FIRE or personal finance train? With whom do you plan to spend time in retirement?


2 thoughts on “Spreading the FIRE

  1. Only PiC so far and I’m working on my two favorite relatives.

    I’m careful not to talk money too much offline with people because I am a lot less close with those folks and the people we see regularly either make a lot more or a lot less than we do so I don’t want to come across like a jerk.


    1. I still don’t think I’ve really convinced my husband so much as he just trusts me to handle the finances so it all kind of works out. It is definitely a lot harder when people are at different income levels. Best of luck with the favorite relatives!


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