All The Clothes I Bought In The Second Half of 2019

Only one new item in the back half of the new year, but still a lot spent. You can check out my first six months of 2019 here. Now it’s time for the round up!

Everything I Bought

Mizuno Paradox 3 Running Shoes – $63 (Full Retail: $140)


Pretty much getting the same replacement running shoes on a six month cycle at this point. I still think these wear faster than the original Mizuno Paradox shoes, but I’m scared to change lest the next iterations are even worse. Womp, womp. 😦

Watch Repair – $275


Finally got my schmancy watch cleaned, tuned, and battery replaced. I kind of regret spending so much on this, since I barely wear it much. Oh well. Maybe I can sell it or something.

Leather Jacket Repair – $60

coach jacket

Got the shoulder of my leather jacket patched. Haven’t been able to wear it much since it’s been drippy and cold instead of sunny and cold, but I’m sure I’ll get good mileage out of this one.

Total – $398


Trying to be eco-conscious so instead of going out and buying replacements for worn items, I spent a lot on clothing repair. I’ll try to do the same with a pair of jeans I just tore through the knee by falling on the ground (ouch!).

In lieu of espadrilles this past summer, I just cycled in my old running shoes as daily walking fare, which helped with the heat issue. I’m less interested in jewelry now, mostly because it’d stand out weirdly at my workplace and I haven’t been as interested in dressing up lately.

In terms of 2020, I think I’ll continue cycling running shoes 2-3x/year. If it weren’t for the prospect of pregnancy, I would say my wardrobe feels pretty much “complete.” Not really sure how I’m supposed to dress when suddenly all my clothes don’t fit me, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

What clothes have you bought this year? Do you have a budget? What pieces do you have your eye on?


6 thoughts on “All The Clothes I Bought In The Second Half of 2019

  1. I bought quite a few items this year. My highest priced item actually is one of my favorites–a watch I wear every day. I don’t really fuss with jewelry or anything, and the watch makes me feel like my outfit is “complete.” And now I don’t have to spend time searching for a new or better watch, because I bought the one I actually want.

    I don’t have a budget for shopping really, because I can’t really control when things wear out or when good deals are happening. For example, my coats are 5, 10 and 12 years old. I’ve gotten my money’s worth on all of them, and some of them now need to be replaced. But if I had an annual budget of $400, I’d end up with a coat I don’t really want and would never end up wearing. Which would just kickstart the buying cycle all over again! I try to buy with the longterm in mind, and when I know it’s short-term, off to the thrift store I go.


  2. I didn’t buy much this year. In fact, my husband spent more on both clothes and personal care (haircuts) than I did this year. (In related news, I really really need a haircut/)

    I got 2 pairs of jeans because I somehow had worn holes in all of my jeans. I was gifted some new hiking / everyday shoes. I got two second hand tops on when I was buying baby clothes for my kid.

    It is a lot easier to minimize shopping when I don’t have to dress up for work, and where no one is dressing up for work.

    I’d like a couple of nice tops this year, probably.


    1. My husband also spent wayyy more than me on clothes and haircuts this year. Though, to be fair, I get a haircut maybe once or twice a year and he has curls, so that’s $$$.

      Also, jean holes! My two favorite pairs of jeans developed holes this year. One on the knees and another right in the thigh area, which is basically when they need to be retired. Le sigh.


  3. Oh my, watch repair is quite expensive! I don’t have any frame of reference for such things, as I don’t really wear a watch. I haven’t needed to swap out my running shoes in a long time now, as I wait until my body starts sending clear signals that the existing pair have had it, which hasn’t happened yet…

    I bought fewer items this year than last year, though I think the amount I bought is still a lot by the standards of most people. (I spent a pretty large number – around $400 more than last year – but it’s not something I worry too much about if the rest of my finances are in order!)


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