Financial Update – April 2021


Each month I will post an update on my finances to both give you, the reader, some insight into my situation and to give me markers of my progress on my financial journey. My updates include both spending and net worth.

  • Spending is divided into joint and individual spending. My husband and I each get $450 a month for our own individual spending as an “allowance.”
  • I don’t include charitable contributions in our numbers below, but we allocate 10% of our post-tax income to this each year.
  • Our net worth goal tracked using undisclosed units of money. Our goal is to hit “Financial Equilibrium”, based on Thomas J. Anderson’s book The Value of Debt in Building Wealth. This is fairly close to our FIRE number.

The Charts

The Numbers

Monthly Update

This month our net worth jumped in a big way, mostly thanks to crypto. I have quarterly vesting soon, plus my company’s ESPP stock buy. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit 100% of our cash, mortgage, and after-tax investments goals by July.

Finally started clawing my way out of the low-grade depression I’ve been in. I’m starting to cook, do more exercise, been having okay job interviews, etc. Work has been a hot mess, but I think I’m just so far gone on that front that I’m on the other side of burnout.

Things I’m looking forward to: I’m getting my first vaccine shot this weekend which is super exciting. I’m also planning a group trip in the late summer in Maine, in addition to our usual trip to the Cape with my husband’s family. Still not pregnant yet, but we’ll get there. Hopefully.

Also my husband quit their job. I guess it technically happened in March but I was too wrapped up in being angry about work to mention it here. I’m thinking it’d be nice if I leave my job in mid-June (after my vesting date), then maybe my husband and I can just enjoy a post-pandemic summer together— go about town, little road trips, and the like. Maybe given everything we don’t need more couple time, but I feel like we’ve grown a lot closer during the pandemic; not that we weren’t close before, it’s just nice to know that we still enjoy each other’s company after pretty much only seeing the other person every day for a year. I don’t know, I like the idea of us taking a lazy summer. /ramble

Slowly, things are going back to normal.

How was your April? 

2 thoughts on “Financial Update – April 2021

  1. Oh wow, that’s a really impressive increase to your net worth, it looks like! I’m finding recently that I’m also starting to feel better about things, the pandemic blues are lifting. (It really helps that I’ve been vaccinated, just got my second shot last week. We’ll probably be a bit slow in returning to normal life, our first trip after vaccination will probably be in August for K’s friend’s wedding in Colorado.)

    And I think it makes sense to want to take a trip together or have a relaxing summer together, even after all the time spent together while social-distancing during the pandemic! The sort-of-forced time together, stuck at home, is not as much fun… I’m glad to have found that K and I still enjoy each other’s company after all this time (though I would… also very much like to be back in the office at least a few days a week once things fully reopen, so I can focus on work outside of my home/personal space).


    1. Congrats on your second shot!

      Totally agree on wanting to get some work/life space separation. While I’ve actually kind of liked not having a commute, I kind of want my living room to go back to being for relaxation only.


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