Financial Update – February 2023


Each month I will post an update on my finances to both give you, the reader, some insight into my situation and to give me markers of my progress on my financial journey. My updates include both spending and net worth.

  • Spending is divided into joint and individual spending. My husband gets $600 a month and I get $150 a month for our own individual spending as an “allowance” which go into our personal bank accounts.
  • I don’t include charitable contributions in our numbers below, but we allocate 10% of our post-tax income to this each year.
  • Our net worth goal tracked using undisclosed units of money. Our goal is to hit “Financial Equilibrium”, based on Thomas J. Anderson’s book The Value of Debt in Building Wealth. This is fairly close to our FIRE number.


Net Worth

Monthly Update

Baby has arrived!

Lots of spending in January on random items to make our newborn-childrearing lives a little easier. We’re still in peak fussiness season (baby’s still learning on how to have a digestion system of their own), but we’re just barely starting to get a routine together and luckily we are keeping our head above water on sleep.

Also, anyone who says that breastfeeding is “free” clearly does not value women’s time. Or has ever had to experience the misery of pumping. /rant

How was your February?


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