All The Clothes I Bought In The First Half of 2019

It’s been about six months since my last clothing roundup, so I figured it was time for another update!

Everything I Bought

Mizuno Paradox 3 Running Shoes – $60 (Full Retail: $140)


Replacement running shoes. Unfortunately all of the original Paradox shoes have been sold out at all suppliers, so I decided to get one of the next versions, but still not the most recent so I could get a heavy discount. They’re comfortable to run in, but definitely have worn out faster than the originals. 😦

Superfeet Black Insoles – $50 (Full Retail $50)


Again, replacements. Always invest well in what separates you from the ground.

Vince Striped Linen Shirt – $22 (Full Retail: $135)


I really like the design of this shirt and the lightness of the linen. I’m excited to get a lot of use out of it this summer. The drape on this shirt is lovely, but I worry a little about the longevity– it’s a little thin.

Eileen Fisher Cotton & Linen Shirt – $26 (Full Retail: $168)


Similar to the above, I had a little bit of a linen splurge. The color is a bit greener than in the above photo. It feels really nice, but the garment is a bit too roomy. Even in an XS, I’m swimming in it.

Linenfox Linen Pants – $76 (Full Retail: $70)


Bought this based on a recommendation from Xin. Haven’t received this item yet since they take 4-6 weeks to make (and then to ship from Lithuania), but I am looking forward to wearing the same pair of wrinkly linen pants all through August/September. Luckily, that’s the worst time of year here for mugginess and heat (since all the seasons are pushed, like, two months back).

Total – $234

Full Retail – $563


While last year I had a goal stay under $350 for clothes, this year I’m willing to splurge a little bit more. Though, honestly, I spent $110 on what are really orthopedic expenses more than fashion, so I certainly don’t think $125 in truly discretionary clothes spending is going overboard at all.

I want to get espadrilles for the summer, because my leather Merrell Jungle Mocs are waaaay too hot when I walk a lot in the heat. I’d still like to get the La Collisione necklace from Alighieri, but it’s not top priority right now. Similarly, would like to fix up my leather jacket (small shoulder rip) and get the fancy watch my family gifted me for our wedding serviced so I can actually use it.

What clothes have you bought so far this year? Do you have a budget? What pieces do you have your eye on?


5 thoughts on “All The Clothes I Bought In The First Half of 2019

  1. I hope you end up liking the LinenFox pants! I like my new top and their other designs so much that I keep thinking about whether to get a dress from them this year (it helps that I also like some colors they have, but that NotPerfectLinen and some of their other competitors don’t), even though at this rate, summer will be over by the time I make a decision and by the time the item actually gets made and arrives to the US.

    Are the insoles for running shoes, or for other shoes? I’ve been thinking about how fussy my feet are about certain things, and whether insoles could help with that, though I’m not quite in the zone of feeling a “need” for them right now. (Another recent issue is, er, a propensity for some synthetic-lined shoes to get really, really smelly on my feet, sometimes even when I wear tights or socks, though avoiding all leather shoes with a synthetic lining would be extremely difficult…)

    Hope all is well, particularly with the new job search!


    1. I was really impressed with Linenfox’s colors. They reminded me a lot of Everlane who, for all their flaws, consistently has the best color pallette of all the big name direct to consumer brands.

      The insoles are for regular everyday shoes. For running shoes, I usually rely on the built in arch support only and throw them out once I start experiencing foot or leg pain with them.

      Thanks for the well wishes! I hope you get to take it easy a little bit this summer.


  2. I love your picks!

    I am trying to avoid spending on anything but running shoes this year, I spent a bundle at the end of last year and that’s going to have to take me into next year. I’m totally milking the not needing to wear professional clothes thing, though, that’s the only reason this works, at all.


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